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Is Improvisation an acquired or a taught skill?

Originally posted on skylark arts:
I’ve recently been reading some older papers from around twenty years ago which discuss whether music improvisation is an acquired or a taught skill. Hall (1992), an ethnomusicologist, thought that improvisation couldn’t be taught and…

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Some Thoughts on Developing Aural Awareness

Originally posted on Cade Bonar:
Aural training – or ‘aural skills’ – formed a significant part of my own formal music education throughout secondary school. Aural skills exercises typically demanded that we identify short rhythmic, melodic and two-part melodic/harmonic phrases,…

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Why Compose?!

I don’t remember ever “becoming” a composer. I’ve always felt an inner push to write down musical ideas and it’s an impulse I’ve always been happy to follow. It’s always seemed logical and natural to me, then, to invest the better part of … Continue reading

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