AOS4 – Timbre & Dynamics


Dynamics podcast

Dynamics are explained here:

Dynamics – this is the podcast (click on the keyword or right click to download)


Effects are often found in popular music, on the guitar. You need to be able to recognise the sound of each.


Brass Instruments

These are brass instruments. TrumpetsFrench HornTromboneTuba (in the middle). Tuba has the lowest pitch. Get used to the sound. Oh, and this is a brass quintet (5 brass instruments).

Brass instruments might use a mute to change the sound. Watch this to see how they work, and how the sound (or timbre) is different.

African Music

Listen to this podcast on African Music.(right click to download) The keywords have mainly been covered, but an understanding of this type of music is essential.


Please watch this video to gain an idea about percussion instruments in the orchestra.

Instruments of the orchestra

A short video to show the instruments that are used in an orchestra, and which section they are in.

Don’t you love his funky hair?!

Listen to the sound of the instruments. These are what you have to recognise!


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