AOS1 – Rhythm & Metre

Time Signatures

Here is a video about time signatures, so you can understand them

African Music

Listen to this podcast on African Music.(right click to download) The keywords have mainly been covered, but an understanding of this type of music is essential.

Rhythm and Metre Videos

Here are a few videos to help you with your understanding of some key aspects of rhythm and metre.

Firstly, watch this video that explains about pulse:

This video explains note lengths and how they relate to each other:

And finally, this video talks about syncopation. This is a great tool to use in your compositions:

Rhythm and Metre keywords

To succeed in this course you need to be able to use musical vocabulary to describe the music we listen to, your own and other people’s compositions and when discussing performances. This is the full list of keywords that apply to AoS1 Rhythm & Metre.


simple & compound time

regular        irregular           free

augmentation             diminution          hemiola           cross-rhythm

dotted rhythms           triplets         syncopation

tempo        rubato  (1 minute in)      polyrhythm         bi-rhythm

Notes and Values

Here are some of the basics of music theory, this is specifically looking at note and rest values (how long they last). There is a link at the bottom of this post to the Rhythm Trainer where you can test your new found learnings..

Click here for the Rhythm Trainer where you can create your own rhythm tests to check your understanding.


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