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13th April 2015

Today we looked at Carmina Burana and composed our own versions of O Fortuna. Some useful notes from the Powerpoint are shown below.

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6 Responses to 10 GCSE

  1. Leo says:

    Group 2:
    WWW: I liked the use of different instruments in the performance.
    WWW: The use of an echo in the glockenspiel part also worked well.
    EBI: Possibly less random symbol crashes. (1:11) (1:52)
    EBI: Maybe more use of dynamics throughout the performance.

  2. Jess says:

    Group 1:
    WWW: I liked the quiet piano part at the beginning
    WWW: The drums and build up of sound
    EBI: If it was a bit longer
    EBI: If the melody was played on more than one instrument

  3. Nicole says:

    Group 1
    WWW: the use of the different octaves on the piano for the main tune
    WWW: different use of percussion instruments
    EBI: more dynamics
    EBI: change the original tune more maybe?

    Group 2
    WWW: different textures throughout
    WWW: range of instruments used and singing
    EBI: less cymbal
    EBI: more organization

  4. Sophie says:

    Group 2:

    WWW: The dynamics of the piano at the start was soft, inviting and mysterious. this is good as this makes me a bit more amazed by the wonder of where you are going to take the piece.
    WWW: The harmonies of vocal and piano was a lovely bonus as it is very different to the original

    EBI: Less Cymbal…
    EBI: From 1:24 to 1:54 fell apart… I think you could have practiced it more at that point- it needs work. too much giggling aswell.

    Thank you for performing! 🙂

  5. Maz says:

    Group 1:

    WWW: The use of piano as the main instrument
    WWW: You used a lot of percussion instruments

    EBI: Had more of an unique touch to your performance?
    EBI: More diverse instruments to recreate a more original piece?

  6. Elizabeth says:

    Group 1:
    WWW: Good percussion use
    WWW: Tune was obvious
    EBI: Used dynamics better
    EBI: Sounds like there’s far fewer people even though it was roughly the same

    Group 2:
    WWW: Everyone had a different part
    WWW: Didn’t all start at once
    EBI: Singing more practiced
    EBI: Everyone was playing at the right time

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